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Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns

Crowns made of porcelain are used to restore the natural appearance of your teeth. Unlike metal-based crowns, porcelain crowns are meant to look like your natural teeth, which is especially crucial if you need a crown on your front teeth. 

Why are dental crowns needed?

Patients with tooth decay or teeth that have been injured by trauma may require a dental crown to safeguard and restore their impacted teeth.

You should think about getting a porcelain crown if you:

  • Have you lately sustained a dental injury?
  • A dental bridge must have an anchor.
  • Do you want to straighten a crooked tooth? (to enhance your smile)
  • A huge filling that has come loose or fallen out is replaced.
  • After a root canal operation, to safeguard a tooth

Porcelain crowns, like other metal-based crowns, are designed to safeguard the tooth while also providing a durable, long-lasting, and functional replacement for a natural tooth.

What is the procedure for getting a porcelain crown?

Porcelain crown treatment usually involves two sessions. This is because the first appointment is all about prepping your teeth for the porcelain crown. This include locating and eliminating any weak areas of the tooth, as well as taking impressions for a temporary crown.

Your temporary crown will be removed and your new custom-made crown will be installed at your second visit (usually two weeks later).

What is the meaning of a porcelain jacket crown?

The whole surface of the afflicted tooth is usually covered with a porcelain jacket crown. Jack crowns, as the name implies, are used to cover and protect afflicted teeth from decay or additional harm. Jacket crowns normally cover the entire tooth, whereas veneers are attached to the front of your teeth and are approximately 1mm thick. Jacket crowns are more appropriate for front teeth.

Porcelain vs. metal crowns

Cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium, and other metal-based alloys are commonly used in metal crowns. Metal crowns have been used in dentistry for a long time and are known for their long-term durability. In comparison to porcelain crowns, they are the least prone to wear down or become chipped or damaged over time. Most people prefer metal crowns on their back teeth (posterior teeth) since they are hidden.

Porcelain crowns, on the other hand, are made to look like your natural teeth and available in two types: all-ceramic and all-porcelain. Both can be used on the back and front teeth and are a safe alternative for those with metal allergies.

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