Restorative Care

Porcelain Crowns

A weak or damaged tooth can cause an array of issues for your smile and oral health alike. Biting function in the affected region can become uncomfortable, or even painful, and the impaired tooth can face a greater risk of bacteria buildup, decay, and infection. If you have a damaged tooth, dental crowns are considered a steadfast solution to repair a wide range of dental problems, including cracks and/or deterioration of the tooth structure caused by decay. These restorations are placed for countless patients every day to protect the tooth and restore pain-free biting function.
Dental crowns are strong dental coverings placed to fix and reinforce a damaged tooth while restoring the full integrity of one’s bite. Think of a dental crown as a protective “cap” that fits comfortably over your natural tooth. They can be used to strengthen individual teeth, anchor a dental bridge, support a tooth after a root canal, or top a dental implant. At any rate, dental crowns can serve a wide range of functions related to bolstering the strength of a tooth and/or protecting a damaged tooth from further harm.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges offer an alternative to both dental implants and traditional dentures for patients who have missing teeth. This option can be ideal for individuals with one or more teeth that are missing in the same area. The large gap between the existing teeth can be quite literally “bridged” with custom-designed porcelain teeth. The replacement teeth are cemented permanently in place using dental crowns on the teeth that are on opposite sides of the space. This ultimately produces a very stable result that enhances dental function and aesthetics. There are several different types of dental bridges available, and our dentist can talk with you about the options that are best for your individual needs and goals.

Dentures (Complete and Partial)

While we believe your natural teeth offer the best overall look and feel, our team at Gateway Village Dental provides incredibly lifelike options for those needing a replacement. In some cases, dentures are the most appropriate option for patients.
We create custom-made dentures for patients with several or all of their natural teeth missing. These dentures fit securely to ensure they do not shift out of place or negatively affect your ability to speak or chew. Due to the quality materials used, you can enjoy durable, long-lasting results that help you live life to its fullest – smiling, laughing, and eating without any interruption.

When might dentures be needed?

Dentures, whether full or partial, are typically recommended for patients who require more extensive treatment for the replacement of most or all missing teeth. We may recommend dentures when:
  • Most or all teeth are missing due to tooth decay, gum disease, or other reasons
  • Most of the remaining, natural teeth are in poor condition (damaged, decayed, etc.)
  • Gums are healthy
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